Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ya'll reckon so?

Today was a long day. I took my kids swimming for a few hours and when we finally got back home, we were all very tired. The kids wanted to know if they could watch a movie. I was thinking, well, I have a lot to do, such as packing up and cleaning this and that, and getting dinner ready. A movie would keep them quiet and out of my way, so I can get done faster. So I said, *sigh, "I reckon."

Aaron said, "what does that mean Mommy?" I answered that it means yes. Aaron, says, "Is it Spanish for yes?"

Isn't that cute?

Around here reckon means yes, or reckon not, means no. It's a Country thing, like saying "ya'll". But it isn't Spanish.
I explained that si is Spanish for yes, and sometimes I will say "I guess so" to mean yes as well.

English is so hard to learn isn't it?


Jennifer said...

He almost got it's not Spanish, it's SOUTHERN!! :)
I am so annoyed...Bloglines won't tell me when you post. I like ya enough that I just go looking every day to see if you've posted anything! :)
Packin' up? Are you takin' a trip? I'm, like, SO jealous...

Nikki said...

You have the cutest kids...I love to hear/read your little stories!!
I also come to your blog everyday just to see what's new :).
Love you - send my love to the fam!!!

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