Thursday, July 06, 2006

Aaron vs. Food

If I have said it once, I have said it FIFTY ( NOT fitty or fiddy, but FIF-TY times) "Aaron, eat."
Every night this is what we go through. This same face. He always say he doesn't like it. He wants me to make chicken nuggets for dinner every night, but that is not gonna happen. It doesn't matter what I make, he says he doesn't like it. Truth is, he does like it, it's just not what he wants. He ends up eating everything without gagging on anything in dislike.
Tonight was especially a struggle, since I have made spaghetti many, many times, and he always eats it fine. But not tonight. Usually I can say, "you want a salad or do you want_________?" Fill in the blank with whatever I made that night. He will gobble up his food cuz he definitely doesn't want a salad. I made no salad tonight, so I couldn't offer him that tonight. Anyhow....who won this fight? Aaron or the food? Did he eat it? Did I give in and let him go to bed hungry? Or did he have to sit there and finish it?


Laurie said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning (I'm sure you don't think it is funny) but as a mother of three boys and one girl, I KNOW and understand what you are going through! My kids were such picky eaters when they were little and lived on peanut butter & jelly, macaroni & cheese, and hot dogs. It will get better, I promise. Now my children cook their own food and are quite good at it and have expanded their tastes! A tip: when they wouldn't eat, I would make them take three more bites if they were three years old, etc. Also, I let them leave the table but if they were hungry later, I took their unfinished meal out of the refrigerator and reheated it!

Jennifer said...

Oy, I get so tired of picky eaters! We finally made the rule that everyone eats what mom makes or they get a bowl of cereal. Some nights they all eat! My 8-year-old in particular will hardly eat anything. I don't know how she lives *sigh*

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