Monday, July 17, 2006


This is my balance from the hospital for my surgery. I don't have a detailed bill, but this is what has been billed to my insurance regarding my cochlear implant surgery. I wonder how much of it they will end up paying? You know they are going to wheel and deal the balance down. At least my deductible is met and I don't have to pay anything anymore. I'm covered 100% for the rest of they year.
So if anyone out there is curious as to how much an implant cost.. there ya go.
This doesn't include my doctor's fee for his office visits and surgery...he's only charged me about $2,000 for ALL of my visists with him since March this year.
If I get a detailed bill I will list that on here. But what do you want to bet that upwards of $30,000 to $40,000 was for the anesthesiologist??

$73, 771.80 !!!


Nikki said...

Thank goodness for deductibles paid in full ;)!

Jennifer said...

Oy! I'm so glad we've got good insurance...with NO deductibles! Them are some big numbers!!

Sugar said...

Same here. Husband's CI hospital bill was $64,000.00 and that was just three and half years ago!

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