Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Sweet and The Sour

The Sweet:
To answer "sugar"'s question in a comment she (?) left:
No one knows what caused my hearing loss. It is assumed I was born this way, although when I was younger I had a very mild loss, and no one even suspected I had a loss until I was 4 and already in Kindergarten and you get those health screenings. What a surprise my family had! I could talk like other kids, I could already could read 3rd grade level ( yes, it's true, when I was 3 I learned to read, ( Thanks Granddaddy!)). So maybe I was born with a hearing impairment or it happened after I was born but before I was 4... I dunno. I did not have any illnesses. I did "cook" too long though. My mother carried me for three extra weeks. Maybe that's what did it. It's a mystery right now.
My hearing loss progressed slowly throughout my life. When I was 18 it was profound. My earlier teens it was moderate/severe. I remember talking on the phone a lot when I was a teenager, so it wasn't as bad of a loss then.
When I got to my 20's I noticed I could not talk on the phone anymore. Now I am 29. My audiologist once told me I could be completely deaf by the time I am 30. Well, she was just about right. I only have a little bit of low frequencies left in my right ear, and the CI surgery took out whatever was left in my left ear, which wasn't much. My left ear has always been the worser, though very slightly so.

The Sour:
Nothing new to report as far as progress goes. I have been wearing the headpiece everday, everywhere I go. Everything still sounds the same. I took my kids to see "Cars" today. I watched the movie using the open captioning available. I turned the volume up in the theater, but I did not have any easier of a time picking up on speech. I didn't even notice that it was turned up as loud as it was, which was ALL the way up... I can't wait for my 2nd mapping on Friday.
I take back what I said about the clock dial. I noticed today it does go to 5 o'clock, not stopping at 4 as I said previously. And the lowest setting is 7, not 8 o'clock. But there's no 6 o'clock.

This is now, and I'll be back later.


Jennifer said...

I was an early reader too...reading really well in kindergarten. Think it was a way of cramming in information since the ears weren't all that great!
Have you ever been tested for LVAS? I can send you a link to an article if you like... :)

Sugar said...

Thanks for answering the question. Yeah, it does seem to be a mystery doesn't it? I lost mine at age 6. Mom contracted rubella while preggers with me, took medicine to cope with the severe nausea, and after birth I was treated for a staph infection with tetracycline. The cause could have been any of those.

Jennifer, what is LVAS?

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