Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 1 and 2 after hook-up

So far, what's a definite sound for me that I was able to pick out when I looked for it:
Day 1 : Yesterday, at a restaurant...I heard the high tapping sounds when Jason tapped one of those laminated menu cards on the table. Sounded like a woman walking in high heels. Then, at home, I heard the clicking of the buttons on the coffee pot as I changed the time on it.
Day 2: Today, I heard the spoon clinking in the glass when I stirred my coffee.
Usually all of these sounds would be a low tapping or thud...but I think I heard them as they truly are this time.
As I mentioned in the photos, the CI is set at levels indicted by my comfort. My tolerance for loudness is really really low right now. After all, my world has been quiet for a long time. The audiologist has set it so I only get very few sounds coming in. I am not even getting all the speech sounds. I have to work up the tolerance for sound very gradually. As I get used to sound, and as my brain adapts to hearing true sound, then I will be slowly turned up and worked into what you would say is a beneficial help from the implant. Right now, there is no benefit for me. Hey, it's only day 2!
It was suggested that I may want to wear it off and on for a few days at first. That is turning out to be true as the noise is overwhelming at times. All I am hearing so far is high pitched metallic echoes. Especially where voices are concerned. I hear two of everything. A regular sounding voice ( or sound), and a high pitched echo of that voice (or sound). I'm told in time the two will merge together and I will hear a richer, truer version of everything.

I was given ear plugs and it was suggested to me that I plug up my right ear every so often so all I take in is sounds thru my left ear. Maybe that will help me acclimate to it faster. I will try that a couple times a day.

One thing I am pleased about is the nearly weightlessness of the external piece. I can hardly feel it. And I am forever grateful that there is nothing in my ear. My ears are not plugged up like hearing aids would have them to be. I hate that plugged up feeling.
When I tried hearing aids, I wanted to yank them out due to the uncomfort factor, and the sound quality of them. At least I can truly say with the CI that comfort is great, and even though what I am hearing isn't beneficial to me yet, it is heaps easier to tolerate than the hearing aids were for me. This means I can stick with it and learn how to use this device.

As you've probably seen on TV, TS Alberto is making it's way thru here. It has been raining non-stop. When I have my windshield wipers on, I can hear them making a squeaky noise in addition to the other noise I heard them make before. But I cannot hear the rain dropping on the car. That's how low this device is set.

One more thing I was able to pick up on today....
the kids have this megaphone looking toy that is a "Voice Changer". It has settings for alien, robot, and spaceman. You speak in one end and the toy changes your voice to what you have it set on. Yesterday, all I would hear from it was the person's speaking regular voice. But today, I heard the changed voice. It really does sound robotic or alien like or like a space man. All I could do was smile. Now....I did hear two voices, one was their regular voice and the other was the toy voice, but I did get the new sound!

There have been a few times where I was hearing those "echoes" and no one was talking. I could not figure out what the sound was coming from. I don't know how I will be able to discern different sounds if I can't figure out what each one is when everything sounds the same right now. BUT I did get some things already, so I will keep my chin up.

At my appt. yesterday, I received a big box with all sorts of accessories. A HUGE tote bag, a travel bag, a storage case, extra batteries, patch cords for hooking up headphones, an attachment for using the telephone, an different ear hook if I ever wanted to change that out, and the most important accessory, ladies, snap on colors! Yea, I can change the color of the headpiece if I want too! I can have it blend in with my hair, or I can make it pop out by snapping on a color. The tote bag is pretty cool too. I love tote bags. I take them to the grocery store and use them to bag the groceries instead of getting those paper or plastic bags.

On June 23, I have my second appt to have it adjusted. We call those "mappings". It is just a programming. I am now the bionic woman. Where's my million dollar man? Oh yea, he's at the office today.


gailsirmans said...

This is so cool. I can't wait for you to hear me, you will prolly want to turn it off.......LOL,
read my blog

Tallahassee Lassie said...

I can hear you anyway, always could. I can hear that Alabama drawl. The drawl makes me wanna go deaf... LOL

just kidding.

I really can hear you anyways.
Maybe I will UNDERSTAND you for a change....as in without lip reading. Drawl or no drawl.

Ai'rite Nahw?

Jennifer said...

I hope you adjust quickly! I feel for you...it sounds interesting, but very overwhelming!
Oh, the snap-on-colors....I want the Techno colors....which ones did you get? I figure that most of the time my hair will cover it up, but if it's ever gonna show, I figure I might as well show it off!! :D

Samantha said...

HEY! WOW! Thats soo exciting!! You sound like you are going to be making quick progress!! I'm so happy for you! So did your kids ever realize that you just now heard the sounds of that microphone?!? Thats so neat that you can tell now...and you're only on day 2!!! I can't wait to read all about the other sounds you come across!! Good Luck...and have fun!! :)

Samantha said...

Can you email me the link to your website...becuase I was trying to put you as one of my links (if you don't mind) and for some reason its not working. Thanks!

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