Thursday, June 08, 2006

6:15 this morning. I am still asleep, but awakening slowly due to the cramped quarters of my bed. Jason is one side ( more like in the middle) and Aaron has crawled in and is on my other side. I am squeezed in between the two guys, so I'm feeling hot and uncomfortable, therefore, I start to wake up.

Back up a few days.....Aaron has been doing a countdown to his birthday everyday. He tells me everyday how many days till his birthday.

Back to this morning.

So, I'm half asleep, when I hear, " MOM!"
I sat up straight as a board. "What babe?" I's Aaron, of course, he's right in the bed with me, remember?


Then he crashes back down to the bed and is immediately asleep again. And he is still asleep now at 8:40...hasn't moved a muscle.
But I am up however. I think this is one of a few times I have gotten out of bed as wide awake as I was this morning. Let the day begin. Who needs a rooster when you have kids?

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