Monday, May 29, 2006

An alarming morning

6:30 AM today.
That's the sound of our smoke detector going off!
What happened you may be asking yourself??

Jason's brother, who has temporarily moved in with us, went out clubbing last night, came home apparently hungry, decided he was going to cook some canned beefaroni (at 4 AM), so he put it in a pot, turned on the stove, then laid down on the couch and fell asleep! When the alarm went off (at 630 AM), we found 2 burners turned on and the microwave door open, him sleeping on the couch, and tons of smoke in the pot ruined, the beefaroni black as black can be, and because our smoke detector is connected thru comes a firetruck! What a morning!!!!
Little brothers are trouble huh? And this one is 28!
Thank God we have a detector and we didn't inhale that smoke!
I don't know if I should laugh or what, really.
No--- no's not funny.


gailsirmans said...

He needs to be banned from the kitchen! Tell him most folks go out for breakfast after a night of drinking......

Nikki said...

Um, sorry...some people can't be left alone :)! Maybe the cut off age should be 30! Did he get everything moved though?

Jennifer said...

Dear me! You're more kind and patient than I think I would be...I don't think I'd be anywhere near the laughing stage for days....if not weeks!!!

Bleeding Purist said...

I'm with Jennifer, you are definitely more kind than I would have been. I've been in his position, but I didn't nearly burn my brother's house down.

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