Wednesday, April 26, 2006

River Front

This hat is too big! Where did I go?

Ben likes to dig in the mud.....

My boys with three of their friends, Amanda, Dawson, and Abbie

Me and my hubby getting some sun on our pale selves...


gailsirmans said...

cute pics

Amy Parris said...

Where did your friend get the name Dawson?

My 18 month old is Dawson because it's a family name that I had never heard of until Dawson's Creek came along. We held off using it for our first son because the show was still on the air and I didn't want ANYONE to think he was named after a kid on a TV show.

Funny thing is we named son #1 Aiden because I thought it was unique and Irish (like his red hair). It wasn't until some girls stopped to admire him in the mall one day asked me if I named him after Aiden on Sex and the City that I even knew other people had heard of it.

God was getting my back I guess.

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