Saturday, March 25, 2006

I passed! or did I fail??

Well, I'm back from Tampa. Again.
My appt. yesterday went really well. The audiologist is really nice and understanding, and I went through all of the hearing tests that I needed to do yesterday. I did fall under the criteria for being able to get an implant, so that's good news. A cochlear implant is better for me than a hearing aid, which is documented on my hearing exams.
I have to go back to Tampa next Friday to meet with the surgeon and he will examine me and order some other tests like CT scans maybe some bloodwork, and then we will go from there. This appt. will be about 40 minutes, I've heard.
I will know more next Friday. Hopefully any tests that he orders can be done the same day, over the weekend or the next Monday, and I can just stay the weekend in Tampa, rather than having to come home and drive back a week later.
I need to see about flying down's a long drive.

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gailsirmans said...

Yea, memaw was telling me that you have to go back next week. It is a shame you couldn't have went ahead and saw the dr. while you were there so you didn't have to drive back and forth. Hopefully next visit you will be able to get it all done at one time.

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