Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Ben has a "grown-up" tooth coming through, finally after losing his baby tooth 2 months ago. He also has another loose tooth, next to where the new one is coming through.

Ben is our little child progidy, he is doing SO WELL on the piano. And he's reading chapter books and he is so smart, and mature for his age.
Aaron doesn't seem quite as interested in the same things, he just wants to play, probably the age difference, but Aaron can do anything Ben can, just takes a little longer due to his shorter attention span. Aaron will be in Kindergarten in the fall, and I think he will be just fine.

I was wondering today at what age do I stop giving the kids their drinks in a "sippy" cup. You know the cup that has the valve on the lid so nothing can spill out? I only use the sippy cup when I give them chocolate milk or juice during the day when they are playing, never at the table anymore during one of the three meals. I guess it is out of habit that I do this, and then I saw 6 year old Ben, 4 feet tall, walking around with the sippy cup, and it just looked out of place. I had not even noticed that maybe the kids are too old for those cups now. Well, they sure do save me from cleaning up spills on the floor. What do you think, should I give up the sippy cups?

I have come down with some sort of infection in my upper chest/ throat area, and also have a headache and cough to go with it. I hope this doesn't interfere with my appt. on Friday. I made some chicken soup today that should help me feel better.

Jason has been saying his back is hurting him again, he actually took a Darvocet for the pain. Poor guy.

We are trying to sell our Lexus. If you or someone you know needs a car, please contact me. It is an SC400, white, tan interior, automatic, 12 CD changer, new tires and rims. Cute, little, fast, sports car...1995 model. Up there is a photo that I have of the car, though it is only the back.


gailsirmans said...

Yes, I certainly think it is time to get rid of the sippy cups for both of them. I am surprised they still use them.

It may be Aaron doesn't have the same interest as Ben. He will find his niche in life and be wonderful at that.

I hope that you get to feeling well soon. I had that mess, so did Mike.

Nikki said...

Yeah, I am going to agree with the "end of sippy cup days"!! I know they are convenient for spills while playing....but just have them come to the kitchen for a drink during the day. And if they have to clean up the mess, they will be more likely to use a "big cup" carefully :)!
Wish I was in the market for a little, fast, sports car...I will keep my ears open!
I can't believe that Aaron will be in Kindergarten - have I been gone that long? WOW
Have a great weekend.

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