Friday, March 10, 2006

Concert tales

This is an exciting story.
As you may have read from my earlier posts, I did not have the best luck in getting good seats at the concert, but I was lucky that I got tickets at all.
When I got to the concert hall, I went ahead and found my seat, and my aunt did the same, then I thought, "I'm going to ask this usher if there are any handicap seats open." Usher says she doesn't know, maybe so, go see the box office. So I did. I explained my situation with needing to sit close so I can see the face of the performer due to my hearing, and box office says they have a seat row N on the floor right now, but only one. Well, I want 2 seats together, but I go ahead and take it since it is important that I can see the artist. We are to come back 10 minutes before the show to see if my aunt's seat can be exchanged for my former seat. Then I thought, " wait a minute. I bet my former seat is just back out there for sale. My aunt isn't going to be able to get it." So I go back to the box office right away just to see if my hunch is right, and it is. HOWEVER, box office informs that at that moment, 2 seats together have just opened up on the floor! If I get those seats we can sit together! I call my aunt's cell phone and tell her to hurry up, bring me your ticket so I can exchange it for this one. The seats together are in row V, so a little further back than row N, but we wanted to sit together, so I gave up my closer in seat to sit with my aunt. If you know how devastated I was at my original seating, you can understand that the seating ended up working out just fine. Thanks to a little voice in my head telling me to go back to the box office. I like to call that little voice "God".
The concert was incredible! At the very end, like the last three songs, I walked up to the front and just hung out by the front rows and that was an awesome view. For the very last song, I actually squatted on the floor of the very first row, and listen to him sing You Can Close Your Eyes for his final song, ( I was so close to him I could have touched his shoes) then when that was over, I stood up and waved at him, and he came over to me and gave me his autograph! If the concert wasn't incredible enough, and it was, getting his autograph was total elation! I even touched his hand. I love James Taylor.

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gailsirmans said...

Yes, it was an awesome concert! You did good in listening to God. Check my blog to see the pic of you and I.

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