Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kids notice everything!

While the kids are outside using a shovel to dig a hole so they can get to the South Pole (we just watched March of the Penguins, a very good movie), I will take a minute to jot down some more cute thoughts from Aaron.

This morning when I was waking Aaron up so he could get ready for preschool, Aaron says: Just 10 more minutes Mommy.

Where did he get that? Where has he heard that before? HAHA

When the kids walk down the stairs, I make them hold onto the railing. For their safety. Aaron is going down the stairs and I am too at the same time. Aaron is using the railing, I am not.
Aaron says: Mommy, why aren't you using the railing?
I say: Because I am a grown-up.
Aaron says: nothing. He just looks at me with a grin and continues on down the stairs using the railing.

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Nikki said...

Your little guys are so precious! They must have a great mom!!! :) Merry Christmas!

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